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About Blades Risk

Independent Advice / Experience You Can Count On

Our mission is to be the most dependable device in your risk management toolbox.  Let our practiced consultants make your insurance job easier!

What We Are!

A professional team that will craft a company specific insurance program for you.

A keen eye to locate oversights in your current program.

A veteran negotiator with difficult claims and claim representatives.

A protector of the insurance language in your leases and contracts.

In other words, we work with your internal and external insurance resources to secure and maintain optimal coverage for the lowest cost!

What We’re NOT!

We are not agents or brokers, so we do not accept any commissions.

We are not salespeople, so we have no vested interest in where you buy your insurance.

We are not participators in any premium savings we may effect for you.

In other words, we have complete objectivity in guiding you toward the most effective insurance program for your company!

Our compensation is based on what works best for YOU! We offer monthly retainer, hourly, or project-based fees!




The original consulting firm was founded in 1926 by John R. Blades to provide independent and unbiased insurance advisory services to clients on a fee basis. Arthur Macaulay Jr. joined John Blades as a partner in 1949 and then John Crout in 1968 to form Blades, Macaulay and Crout. They continued to represent the interests of their clients only, choosing not to sell or place insurance.

Arthur Proulx merged his insurance consulting practice with John Crout’s in late 2008 to form Blades, Crout & Proulx LLC. Today, Arthur is involved with all client accounts and continues the commitment to provide the highest level of professional service and complete objectivity in conclusions and recommendations.


  • Design appropriate policies and procedures that suit your goals
  • Investigate appropriate deductible or cash flow forms of insurance
  • Assist with the selection of brokers or insurers
  • Manage the procurement process