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Our Services

When you need to PURCHASE insurance we can...

  • Design appropriate policies and procedures that suit your goals
  • Investigate appropriate deductible or cash flow forms of insurance
  • Assist with the selection of brokers or insurers
  • Manage the procurement process

For day to day RISK MANAGEMENT help we can...

  • Work directly with you and your employees to answer questions
  • Train and educate by providing supporting materials and guidance
  • Prepare bid specifications and requests for proposals (RFP’s)
  • Facilitate and track policy renewals

When you need to COMPARE or EXPAND your current program we can...

  • Advise on coverage and exposures within existing insurance policies
  • Balance risk retention vs. risk transfer
  • Audit policies and endorsements to ensure that your breadth of coverage and quality of language has you well protected.

Expertise with a wide range of client operations
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