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Our Services

When you need to PURCHASE insurance we can...

  • Design appropriate policies and procedures that suit your goals
  • Investigate appropriate deductible or cash flow forms of insurance
  • Assist with the selection of brokers or insurers
  • Manage the procurement process

For day to day RISK MANAGEMENT help we can...

  • Work directly with you and your employees to answer questions
  • Train and educate by providing supporting materials and guidance
  • Prepare bid specifications and requests for proposals (RFP’s)
  • Facilitate and track policy renewals

When you need to COMPARE or EXPAND your current program we can...

  • Advise on coverage and exposures within existing insurance policies
  • Balance risk retention vs. risk transfer
  • Audit policies and endorsements to ensure that your breadth of coverage and quality of language has you well protected.

If you are an entrepreneur, innovator or disruptor with an early stage START-UP we can...

  • Help you understand and evaluate the insurance products necessary to bring your product or service to market
  • Provide tools for understanding insurance needs through the business life cycle
  • Formulate a narrative to most effectively represent your venture to insurance underwriters
  • Act as a resource to effectively manage the cost of risk and add more value to your organization

Expertise with a wide range of client operations
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